Opinion on hub

I have a hub from another Manufacturer that Im unhappy with

How does the Smarthings hub work?

Does it work with Aeon 6 in one sensor and hineywell z wave t-stats?

And is it reasonably quick?


You’ll get answers ranging anywhere from “it’s so awful I’m going to sue SmartThings” to “It’s one of, if not the best home automation hub out there”

I’m not trying to be that guy but you’re definitely going to need to do a search and make up your own mind. As far as I know the devices you mentioned work with ST though not necessarily officially.

I migrated from a competitor in September and have never looked back. The community written apps and support are superb.

There are issues with the system from time to time. Just read a little bit on the forum and you will see opinions ranging in both directions.

I love ST! As to your question about the sensor and t-stat, I believe they both work. My only advice is be prepared to do some tinkering to get the system to work the way you want it.