Should I come back

So I use to have Samsung Smart Things when the V2 first came out and my relationship with SmartThings was a love hate relationship.

I loved the concept but it was super buggy.

It’s been a couple things and I was wondering how’s it running for you folks nowadays?

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I missed you. We needed your help. But we had to soldier on.

Short answer: yes
Long answer: yes, please


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Ha! Sorry for leaving you guys. It was just getting a tad annoying. But the support team was always proactive and I knew to circle back after some time.

What sucks is that I just missed a good promotion on Amazon. Next time it goes on sale I’ll give it another try.

Here’s a warm welcome, just in:


Ouch! May have to rethink lol

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Definitely, come on back… Not sure how long we have left but it’s pretty good right now…


The platform is more stable now than it’s ever been!

(It’s like they’re paying me to say that)


I think you missed a “not”. Now that would have been funny :wink:


I’m living in the “no tinker zone”…It’s actually kinda boring now. Dang, nothing’s broke! Arrrgg

Well, always that “honey-do” list…


So bored I’m contemplating moving from v1 to v2…

People like us will never be satisfied with perfection! :grin: Honestly, ST is getting better and better and more and more companies are jumping on board. I’m happy and satisfied that I chose this platform.

I will say this, and I believe it from the bottom of my heart, ST would not be what it is, “For Me” without CoRE and this wonderful community.


@rontalley, I don’t think @delaweb knows what CoRE is. He’s been gone for a long time, remember? :smiley:

I actually have no idea what CoRE is. lol

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I have just started with my st. I am honestly thinking about coverting from all my switches. So far happy with the device. You should come back.