Shorted devices from smart plugs?

Has anyone had any trouble out of devices being damaged from smart plugs turning off and on? In particular I’m concerned about hooking LED TVs up to one?

You can probably add a surge protector after the smartplug if you are worried about spikes.

Yeah, I’m really concerned about damaging capacitors but wouldn’t it trip a surge protector? I haven’t tried it.

Tired of my kid leaving her TV on!

You could also use Logitech Home Hub, refurbs can be found for around $75

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I have a nearly unused Logitech Harmony Home SmartControl Remote/Hub. If interested, PM me.

I’ll second the Logitech Harmony suggestion. For a little more $ than a switch you get a whole lot more functionality. My wife kept inadvertently leaving the TV on because the Fire TV turns the signal black when it sleeps, but doesn’t kill the HDMI connection. I snagged a Harmony Hub for $50. Now it turns the TV and Receiver off if there is no motion in the room for 30 minutes. She also likes its one remote instead of two.

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What about things for use with a coffee pot…Could the on and off damage it?

These sockets (as long as you buy reputable ones) are all UL listed and should not damage other electronics. I have an Aeon switch plugged into my TV so I can monitor its power consumption and keep my motion controlled lights from turning off when we are watching TV. As a bonus, I can turn our TV off. Works great.

Harmony is another great option, but I don’t believe it can monitor the TV state. To keep the state in sync, you have to always use the Harmony to turn on and off the device. My wife likes the TiVo remote, so that was not a viable option for us.