Turn OFF TVs when leaving home?

Hi! Is there a way to turn off TVs when leaving the house? I know it can be done with Harmony but installing a harmony on each TV (on each room) would be kind of expensieve, more if its only for on/off purposes… Are there cheap IR Tx I can connect to ST?

I have an Iris Smartplug on each of our TV’s just for this purpose - on/off control for a few different automations/routines we have. The SmartThings Smartplug, or the Aeon smart switch are also good alternatives.

Newbie question, isnt aggresive to turn off TV cutting of power suddently? Wont it damage the TV in long term?

I’ve been doing this for quite some time, even before using the Iris plugs and with various kinds of TV’s. I haven’t had a TV fail yet, but I also don’t do it a lot. The routines I do this with are typically only executed when I’m away from the house for a long time to simulate someone being home watching TV.

I have a harmony hub but would also consider anymote or Broadlink RM Pro if those are cheaper. Otherwise you could probably tee something up with a Rasp Pi

You can use Broadlink if you have a spare Android device.

is it 100% necesary to have an android device for the Broadlink to work with ST?

Harmony hub and remote combo are regularly available refurb or used for $69 on Amazon. Pretty cheap, might be more affordable than you think.

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