What do I need to turn a tv on/off

I have two 50 in proscan TV’s that I’d like to control. Are there any smart plugs that will turn an off brand tv on/off? I bought some smart plugs to use as receivers thinking I could kill two birds with one stone. Then it dawned on me when the smart plug goes off it kills all power to the tv, it’s not like a fan that is switched to the on position so the next time it gets plugged in its still on. I’ve seen plugs that say they can control the on/off for a tv but truly don’t… how is this accomplished?

Harmony integration. The IR from harmony controls the TVs, a SmartThings app controls Harmony.


They occasionally go on sale at Walmart, from $120 to $60 (give or take)


When I typed in Harmony IR it came up blster, remote, extender… which do I need? Thank you so much guys!

And exactly how do I do it? Do I hook up the Harmony IR and then use a smart plug? And do I need a harmony hub? Sorry I don’t know how much of this works…

Hi Nicole, you’re looking for the harmony hub.

You don’t need a smart plug unless you want to completely shut off power to the TV.

Harmony Hub is a blaster. Basically, it will replace your TV Remote and ST can see the Harmony Activities as switches.

Be aware that Harmony works by combining your devices and turning them all on/off at the same time. These are called Activities.

So if I wanted both tv’s hooked up it would turn both tv on or off at the exact same time even if one is still in use? And I have to buy the Harmony hub? Does it have the IR thing built in? If it does then why do they sell mini IR blasters too? Would I be able to buy a mini IR blasters and run it through smartthings? Is there any that I wouldn’t have to buy an entirely different hub for? Sorry so many questions but I’m trying to figure out what I need to purchase as I’m about to place my order lol.

You need the harmony hub. The ir blaster is an attachment for the harmony hub that will extend the ir blast your hub sends out.

If you sync both tvs up it depend on how you want to control them. The harmony hub has an app you can use as a universal remote to control whatever devices you have synced up, but if you’re want to voice control your TVs then whatever command you use will apply to both tvs.

BroadLink IR Control Hub Works with Amazon Alexa, RM Mini3 Smart Home Wi-Fi Enabled Infrared Universal Remote Control, One for All Control ( Black Bean RMMINI3-EN )

What about this? Is it compatible with smartthings? Sorry I’m so over spending money to find out it doesn’t work with what I have or what I need it to.

The Hub comes with the mini blasters for situations where the av equipment is out of sight of the main Hub which has a blaster built in it.

You can specify what gets turned on/off in each activity.

Say you had 2 TVs, AVR, PS3, Fire TV, Soundbar, etc…

Activity 1=Play Station
Turn On TV 1 input HDMI 2, PS3 and Soundbar

Activity 2=Fire TV
Turn On TV 2 input HDMI 1 , AVR to input 1 and Fire TV

Turning on Activity 2 would turn off the things in Activity 1

However, you can specify whatever you want to be on/off in each Activity

Activity 3= Turn both TVs on and set there inputs, etc…

Each Activity is a Switch in ST

There is an off button on the remote that would turn everything off…

Some TVs remember there setting before loosing power…In that case a Smart Plug could be used to turn the TV on/off

How would I make it so the living room tv didn’t turn on/off when I turned on the bedroom tv? And how would I know if the smart plug was needed? I’m not sure how I would know if it remembered something…

I have a 70 inch Sharp Aquos and that is plugged into a Smart Plug.

I tell Alexa to turn TV off and she turns off my DirecTV box, my Sony Home Theater receiver and the television.

When I ask Alexa to turn the TV on, the receiver, DirectTv box and the the television powers back on without any other intervention to the television.

Just FYI before you go down the suggested route, you might want to see if your television reacts the same way with a Smartplug. Remember, you aren’t turning the TV off with a remote, but the power being cut while television is still on.

Unfortunately it cuts power completely. If it turn off with remote a red light is present on the corner of the television (blue when on). If I turn off with voice using the smart plug even the red light is turned off.

Well that rules out one option, so now the recommendation of the Harmony hub is probably the solution to look into to satisfy your requirements to be able to automatically turn it back on.

Best Buy has the Harmony Elite for $249 (includes the hub and IR blasters). The remote can be used to replace/consolidate all your remotes including the 2 TV’s. :slight_smile:


Turn TV on, then unplug it. Then plug it back in…If it come back on then all you need is a Smart Plug. If it stays off then a Harmony Hub is a great option.

You should just do a little reading on how the Harmony Hubs work.

There are a couple other options…

Is there an option that I only need an IR blaster for each tv that hooks up to smartthings and Alexa? The Harmony option would clearly work but a pp mentioned it would turn off one tv when I turned on the other…

Harmony are the great options for ST. As far as turning off the TV…If an activity is associated with a TV and another activity is using the TV, then when you switch to that activity, it will not turn off the TV. It will simply switch the necessary inputs for you to enjoy the other device that needs the TV.

You are getting switching off Activities vs Devices. Harmony typically only allows 1 activity at a time. There are certain tricks to get it to do 2 activities but it is really not necessary. You also have individual device control within the Harmony App but just not in ST unless you install custom code like KuKu Harmony

I have 4 different entertainment areas so I have 4 Harmony Hubs. I can turn off all Activities on all Hubs within ST or just the current Activity for the Hub.

All Off or Current Activity Off for Hub “X”

Good Luck.

What is your primary use model? Do you want to be able to change channels/volume without the remote? Or just be able to power on/off remotely? Some TVs have a power on with restored power, some don’t. Easy test is unplug the TV, then plug it back in. Does it turn on? Or is there a setting to turn it on on power restore in the settings? If so, a simple smart switch might be all you need.

I know that when I unplug the TV and plug it back in it does not turn itself back on. I will have to go inside the settings and see if there is an option for that. I already ordered the Harmony Hub because I found it on sale for $60 when everywhere else was $80 or more. I mean if it could control my cable box and change my channel that’d be cool but I always watch On Demand because I’m never home to watch episodes when they air so I highly doubt that’s a possibility. In all honesty all I’m actually looking for is on-off functions with volume control being a plus. It never dawned on me that I might possibly need more than one Harmony Hub. I know this is kind of off the topic but I’m looking at purchasing the Bluetooth flic buttons. It says that they are compatible with Harmony hubs. Would it be possible that I would be able to control both TVs on off function using the flic and it not affect the other TV because the flic is only programmed to the device I set it to not all? My intentions with the flic purchase was being able to control on all functions and not have it affected by activities based on the Hub, music and said lights.