SHM, Motion Sensors and a 2 Minute Reset

Just after some clarification really, I have some Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors and they work really well but if one of them triggers an intrusion in SHM and the intrusion is dismissed it wont trigger an intrusion again unless there is no motion for 2 minutes.

I have hacked the sensors so they can now report motion at 5 second intervals rather than the default 1 minute but this didn’t make any difference.

I also don’t have any ST motion sensors so I don’t know if it is the sensor or the way SHM works, I suspect its the latter as the live logging shows motion being detected.

Door sensors trigger intrusions whenever they are opened so why wouldn’t a motion sensor?

Ive actually worked this out for myself by looking at the device handler, once you have hacked the hardware so it reports motion every 5 seconds instead of every 60 you change the motion reset setting in the ST app and it works a lot better.

You will, however, use up the battery 12 times as fast. Making a sensor that you probably bought because it was very inexpensive much more expensive to operate over time. So there’s that. :disappointed_relieved:

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