SHM Delay alternative

Was using SHM Delay smartapps to create a delay of X seconds before my alarm goes on, when a contact sensor get triggered

Since this smartapps will probably disappear, is there an alternative to it ?


I don’t use it but is probably available in SmartThings Home Monitor, go to the Life tab, and select the + symbol at the top right, scroll down to SmartThings Home Monitor.

not sure about the reply

I use smart home monitor, but the smartapps provide a simulated contact sensor that turn on after a delay on the real contact sensor. So it give me a 30 seconds before the alarm goes on

So you could just create virtual contact sensor that uses delay?

For entry there is no need for a smartapp, SHM already has a entry delay.
What is missing is a activation delay.

Option 1: 1 routine and 1 virtual switch. If the virtual switch is flipped and stays flipped for x seconds, then arm.

Option 2: 2 virtual switches and 2 routines. If the first virtual switch is flipped, wait 30 seconds and then flip the second virtual switch. Arm when the second virtual is flipped. This should be the same as what you have now.

Option 3:
Use SharpTools (should be well within the free tier) for the delay logic. SharpTools can change Location Mode but not Security Mode, so use a ST routine to link the two.


Couple of questions left

Does virtual contact sensor will still work after the migration?

My scenario is

  • My home monitor mode is armed
  • I open a door with a contact sensor on it
  • I don’t want to trigger my alarm right away, to let me turn off manually my home monitor (if something went wrong with our automation)
    -So the delay is not on changing mode, but on triggering the alarm when it’s in armed mode

That’s why I was using SHM delay, to trigger after 30 second that my real contact sensor is open

Yes, but…

ST hasn’t unveiled their solution to virtual devices yet, or how they’ll migrate. There are signs that they’ll be supported though - the CLI has a tool to create one (I’m using a virtual switch created that way, but it’s extremely basic) and there’s a driver out in the ST repo for a virtual device (though it’s not clear how to use it yet). So expect more to come on official virtual devices.

There are a few edge drivers made by community members that create virtual devices. These will survive the transition. See a list of a few options here. I’m not using any of these so can’t give a recommendation, but both developers with drivers on that list are very active in maintaining them and are responsive to feature requests.

Can I ask what you use to disarm in this instance?
My fear is always having the internet down and when I arrive ( through my phone presence ) thus not changing from away to home, open my front door and all hell breaks loose. Happened to me before.

You don’t need nothing for a entry delay, you already have a delay for that, check in your home monitoring for the settings and your security and set response.

Normally, I use my phone as presence sensor or my schlage lock pad outside

This scenario is more when we lock in our front door, came back to the back door, forgetting the alarm is set, since we doesnt have a smart lock in our back door

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oh will try, thanks!