Shelly integration problems

So, 4th time in two months, Shelly integration is broken. And Scandinavian Tibber have removed information about Smartthings integration. Is it just me? Really thrilled about Smartthings when I started but this is just too much hassle. Is it all Shellys fault or what’s happening. At least I’ve learned not to remove and connect again to Shelly, which created duplicates of devices.

If you haven’t tried already… the easiest way to reconnect is to go to menu > settings > linked services and open the Shelly integration and click through the screens.

I do not have Shelly devices so I can’t answer the other questions.

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Yeah I know, but it’s starting to get tiresome and feeling unreliable. And not sure where Smartthings is going

For the fifth time, come on…

I’ve been facing the exact same problems. I would say that is an issue of credentials expiration… I rose an issue in Shelly support and they are in the process of analyzing it. Till now they have told me that the problem doesn’t seem to be on their side and they have also ask me not to reconnect the next time it happens, cause it may eventually get back to work on it’s own.

Same issue here… loosing connection every couple of days…