Shelly 1 vs. Sonoff

So I’m sure everyone that’s considered using a Shelly has seen the smarthomehookup comparison. Just wanted to get some input before I commit to either the Shelly or Sonoff camp. I’m thinking of using a wifi switch for my garage door opener and wasn’t really comfortable with hacking a Sonoff basic that would leave you vulnerable to an AC surge or arcing getting across your dry contacts and ruining your garage door controller and/or garage door opener.

The Shelly app has the “inching” function right???

Of course there’s always the SV but I also want to convert some dumb Decora switches to smart switches and it looks like the Shelly comes up on top for this application. So I might as well stick to Shelly right? Aside from the points that were raised on that video, am I missing anything? Will probably flash them later on but will start with using the native firmware.