Life360 Connect (post Groovy)?

I noticed I still have this in the IDE dh’s & smartapps. Do they need to be replaced with something post-Groovy?

They would, but so far forum members have reported that Life360 support said they are not planning to create an integration for the new platform. So you would need to talk to them. I haven’t seen a community-created one.

There is some discussion of alternatives in the following thread:

And here’s another discussion of alternatives:

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Last week Life360 has stopped working with my SmartThings. I was using it as a presence sensor to run an automation to unlock my Yale smart lock when i arrive home.

Is there another method I could use instead. I have tried Samsung presence sensor but it’s not that reliable, I would prefer a gps based presence sensor if possible


iOS or Android?
Here’s a thread about iOS Alternative iOS presence?

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I use the native presence built into SmartThings and it’s running fine on Android.

I combined your question with an existing topic on the same issue. Please start at the top of this thread to see more possibilities.

Also, here’s the community FAQ on why it stopped working:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?


It took me awhile to figure it out, but I’ve been using Node Red to replace my Life 360 app. It has a node that gets info from Life360 API and connects to SmartThings API. You have to write the in between code but it JS which I’ve found out is fairly simple. And it’s not a lot of code. I’ve also been able to interact with LIFX to get back the options I had in Group of Groups. And tomorrow I’ll be working on reconnecting MyQ integration. I would suggest if you have time to look into Node Red. I have no prior knowledge of coding anything and I don’t know if this is the best solution, but it’s what I’ve been using and it’s worked so far.

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Look here as others having same issues with the “built-in” presence system that is not very built in and quite unreliable.

It is so very frustrating that the smartthings app is not only poor but the presence system has no icon or place to verify it thinks your location.

I replied in that thread that it’s like having a motion or tilt sensor with no icon or status anywhere… u just never know.

And yea, my kids do not need to be having access to all of our house settings and config on their phone when I just want their location.

Life360, we miss you and btw the main reason I pay for life360 was because it supported Smartthings.

My smart home is getting dumber and dumber each time smartthings makes a business decision.

How many of you all think twice about buying Samsung appliances these days?


I think this is just as much on Life360. They too made a business decision to not update their connector. I get Samsung forced their hand, but they had every opportunity to continue supporting their customers.


I agree 100%. I regret going down the Smartthings route. So many things have stopped working, I need to be sorting out problems every day at the moment and the “replacement” architecture is less flexible, has very little diagnostic information and is currently extremely buggy (for me). Smartthings is currently not ready for prime time use. Only techie people who are willing to spend hours every week fixing problems should even consider it. For me it feels like a pre-beta system that should not have been allowed to go live.


Create a routine with virtual presence sensor with either Google home or Alexa. Leave Life360 running on your phone with drive detection enabled. With this in place mine is working the same as it did before. Not ideal, but at least it’s accurate and on time


Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to create a routine with virtual presence sensor with Google home?

I’ve seen mention of virtual presence sensors, but can’t see how to create them in the Android app.


If you have a ST hub install the vEdge Creator and you can make all the virtual devices you need.


Use the new edge virtual utility to create a virtual presence sensor. Toggle with Google home routine. The key piece is life 360 drive detection which forces faster location updates.

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Thank you @Paul_Oliver and @Eric_Seckinger I will check that out.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I desperately need the LIFX Group of Groups functionality back. Can you explain more, possibly in a PM to keep this thread clean.