Share location on iPhone issue

Not sure what has happened but I can’t see my wife’s iPhone now so can’t create routines based on her presence from my phone. Is this a Smarthings issue or on the actual iOS device? The one marked is my phone.

Have your wife verify she is sharing location. In the ST app, go to Menu->Gear Menu->Get Location from this phone.

Yeah I’ve checked and triple checked.
Her phone is there and I can see her presence coming up whilst on her phone creating an automation. But If I try on my phone I only see my phone.

Does she see your phone?

I use Android and noticed very recently that when I enable Location access I am now explicitly asked to confirm that I am happy to share my Location. That’s a new one on me. I never tried saying no.

Have you actually disabled and reenabled Location access on your wife’s phone or just checked it is enabled?

Yeah she can see my phone. I’ve tried disabling and enabling from her phone. Still nothing. I bet it’s something silly as well.

I have exactly same problem.
I’m using iPhone, and my wife is using Galaxy Z Flip 3.
I double checked location share settings and so on, still I can’t see my wife’s Galaxy on my iPhone Smartthings app when creating new routines.
But My wife can see my iPhone on her Smartthings App.

Any solutions?

does she see her phone when creating Routines? Does she have a new phone or has the app been installed recently and have you checked that “Get location for this phone” is enabled on her phone? (note: do not disable, do not disable, do not disable that feature if it is currently enabled at this time). There is something going on that does not allow users to enable Get location.

report the issue to ST support.

Yes. She can see both her Galaxy phone and my iPhone when creating Routines. So whenever I create Routines, I have to use my wife’s Galaxy phone instead of my iPhone.

The app was already installed by default when she bought her Galaxy last year, And I bought Smartthings station this year. And I checked “Get location for this phone” is enabled on Smarttings App.

Maybe It’s time to report issue to ST support.

are you the main account holder or the shared account?

My account is main account(Owner) for Home.

@jkp “There is something going on that does not allow users to enable Get location” – I’ve reported this. I hope they are actually going to fix it some time!

This is not the same issue. While there may be a connection with the issue you are referring to on the backend… their “get location” is enabled.