Second iphone doesn't show as present on my iphone

I added my wife’s phone and it shows present on her phone but i dont show on hers and she doesn’t show present on mine

Interesting, you don’t say anything about the process you went thru to add her phone.

Did you invite her from your account? She needs to have her own login (not using yours). So once you invite her she installs the app on her phone and creates her own password. After those things have been done then add her phone as a presence sensor.

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Got it. Quick fix. Thanks

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I am have the same problem. I delete myself from my phone and I am not able to add myself to my wife phone.

Can some one help me ?

Davi white phone is me

My wife phone I have my daughter and I can not add me

I did invite me on her acc# I log off log in and nothing.

I’m confused by your post. You can’t add your phone as a presence sensor from someone else’s phone which is what it sounded to me you were trying to do. Here is a link that hopefully will help you.

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I got.

Thank you for the link.