Several Zigbee devices go offline

I have around 23 devices connected to my hub, 4 Z-Wave and 19 Zigbee.
Every 3 or 4 hours, several zigbee devices start to go offline. Some are far from the hub, some are close. All devices have a LQI of 130 or more.
Router is 4 or 5 meters away from the Hub.
Hub is connected to router via Lan cable.
Usually, restarting the hub is enough to get them back online, however, sometimes I need to restart several times (2 or 3 times).
I wonder why this started to happen.

Any ideas on what else should I do?

On the devices that go offline do they have any common routes?

2 of them yes, the other no.

Update. Did hard restart this time.
It has been working correctly for 12 hours. Let’s see if keeps working.

And after 18 hours the same devices become feline again.
I have moved one outlet to another position to check if the situation changes.

Any other ideas are welcome.

Is it always around the same time of day, or just the same interval? In other words, if you leave them off-line for a couple of hours will it then be another four hours, or will it be another two?

If it’s around the same time of day, it’s likely to be local interference of some kind. If it’s just the same interval, that’s more likely to be an issue within your own network.

The occurrence of the devices disconnected are not happening within the same time intervals or same time of the day.
I believe it has to do with fact I added a new zigbee outlet between to devices and two other routers before hub.
I have just removed that outlet and I am now waiting to check if that has something to do with it or not. Yet, the weird part of it, is that one of devices that was disconnecting was not using this outlet as a node.

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If you are just going by what smartthings shows in the IDE, that’s just a single moment in time snapshot. It’s not real time, it’s not even necessarily the most frequently used route. It’s just a route that was used the last time the information was recorded to the cloud. So it’s better than nothing, but it’s definitely not complete.

Thanks @JDRoberts

Indeed, it would be great if we could keep logs for long periods so we could debug if needed.

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After over almost two weeks of unstable zigbee connections, it is stable now for 2 and half days with no devices going down.
Did nothing…