Several Devices went offline yesterday, GD00Z4 no longer working

What happened yesterday? Three of my GE switched, a Schlage lock and my linear Garage Door opener just stopped responding. Today hub was blinking green and required reboot. Now linear gd00z4 no longer works.

More “improvements” being made to the system?

Probably this:

The official status page says the problem is fixed, but a number of community members say it is not working yet for them.

Except my system was 80% fine. Lost 3 lights my only lock and garage controller. I tried to remove and add lock but it refuses to include now. I tried exclude first several times and garage is still not working but I don’t want to risk excluding and re-including.

The garage controlled was fine for several years but just non-responsive now.

I still have roughly half of my Z-Wave devices showing OFFLINE, even though they’re (mostly) working. (In one case, Alexa tells me the device is OFFLINE even while she’s successfully operating it.)

Strangest of all is that the IDE and SmartThings Classic app show activity on the devices, even though it also reports them as OFFLINE.

This happens to me all the time. I don’t look at the online/offline report. SmartThings is bad at getting that right. I guess because it is cloud based it tends to miss a ping even though the system is healthy.

However in this case my devices are not working at all. Direct access in app, nothing.

The outage is still impacting folks and impacts mostly locks and switches, rest of the devices appear to be fine for the most:

Well…they operate physically (or mostly, via Alexa), but I do miss not being able to operate them through the SmartThings Classic app.

I’ve spent hours on troubleshooting this thinking it had something to do with the new iris smart plug with z-wave repeater I was trying to install for a hour yesterday. I removed the plug, rebooted my hub and all was well until my wife tells me this morning that Alexa couldn’t control the lights.

After power cycling the hub, things are good again for a short period of time then things start going offline and becoming unavailable. When I control the devices from the wall switch, the event will update in the app and ide but I can’t control anything from the apps.

Hoping they get things resolved soon.

They claim to have fixed it 1hr ago according to status page.

I just tried my garage door…no go.
Tried zwave repair…says repair of garage failed
Issued remote boot…hub now offline…PERFECT!

Update: Hub came back online…Garage Door Still not working.

I would contact support but they will just tell me they don’t support custom device handlers anyway so no point really.

Out of my two hubs one had to be rebooted. Showed green but offline. Had the residence there reboot it and now none of my GE switches are working remotely.

In another location none of the locks are working.

What has Samsung done to this platform?

I had all the Zigbee device offline, one at a time. Z-Wave all Oké.

Light switches moved to Home Assistant and working now.
Schlage lock failing, excluded and re-included but still failing.
Garage Door opener GD00Z-4 failing still.

Come on SmartThings/Samsung, get your act together.

Update: Support contacted me to say my devices should be back online…They are not. I replied back but they have not responded since.

Update 2: Support replied again, 4 days later, to say my devices look fine on their end. That was helpful :frowning: Still not working.

Undocumented (surprise) GDO reset:

Unplug power from GDO for, say, 30 seconds. Plug it back in — light on GDO will flash. Hold down reset button (hard to see) on side of GDO with ball point pen and count to, say, 40. When you hear GDO beep a few times, release button and then use wall switch or remote to open and close garage door twice. GDO will be re-synched with hub until the next time ST decides to “improve” the hub’s software.