Setting up WiFi speaker like FABRIQ or Pure Jongo T2

My problem is as follows:

I have a FIOS Router with WiFi radio turned OFF.> Connected to that is a Apple Airport Extreme Base Station in Bridge Mode. Apple does’t have the option to turn on UpNP and NAT can’t be used as the router is in Bridge Mode.

As you can see I am slightly lost. I have read the post about Generic Media Renderer, but I am not sure this will help. Any input would be appreciated.

I don’t have FIOS, but why do you have the Extreme set up as a bridge? Can you not turn off the wifi on the FIOS router and set your Extreme up normal so that it’s assigning ip addresses allowing you to use UpNP and NAT? I had Uverse in the past and that’s what I did due to their wireless on the router was crap and would limit my bandwith.

That is the problem, I was on the phone with FIOS yesterday and they wanted me to pay for a static IP, which I would need for the Airport. I called Apple and they explained to me, that I would be getting double NAT errors. We tried it, and it screwed up everything. We had to go back to regular setup.

That sucks. I just did a little bit of searching the issue and everyone complains about the FIOS router messing up their Extreme setup. It’s a shame the FIOS can’t just act as a straight modem and shut the rest of the stuff off.

Do you think it will still work? I hate to order something and have to ship it back. I wish my ChromeCast Audio which is WiFi would work.

Pay for a static IP? That’s ridiculous.

I wish I was more help, but if since i don’t have the option to have FIOS here, I’m stuck with Charter. Simple modem from them plugged into my Extereme and I take care of everything from there.

I hope someone will chime in with an answer.

I have FIOS but no Verizon router. I use my own ASUS router directly connected to the ONT, no static IP required. You only need Verizon router if you have FIOS TV and your ONT is configured for MOCA, not ethernet.
What exactly do you have from Verizon?

I have everything, TV, Phone and Internet, so I need their junky router. Do you think the speaker will work?

Well to my surprise Fabriq works without any changes to my router. I am having fun playing with it.

My jongo speaker would, out of the blue, just start playing web radio statiions.

Anybody else experienciny this? And ideas on how to stop this anomalyfrom happening?