Setting the params on a GE/Jasco ZW3005 dimmer (slower on specifically)

Anyone have any success setting the optional parameters using smartthings? In the instructions it looks like there is a setting for setting the steps and speed of dimming during an “all on/all off” command.

I love how it turns off, takes a few seconds to slowly dim. But turning on is MUCH faster. Id actually like turning on to be as slow as turning off. I put it on the 3 way that controls the lamps on my nightstands and the slower it turns on the less jarring in the morning.

I see there is that settings but the device just shows as a dimmer switch in the IDE and only preference it registers is the LED indicator despite Jasco/GE supporting those dimmer settings. Says your controller needs the “advanced configuration command class.”

Has anyone been able to do it?

I recommend you try this… it works for me. You temporarily use this device type and then change it back when done.