Change GE 12724 Dimmer to turn on not fade on

Sorry I have looked in all the topics (or so i thought), Does any one know how to change the switch to just instantly turn on and off? I have LED dimmable bulbs but this switch is slow when turning off, I just want it to instantly turn on and off when pressed. Thanks if anyone knows of the codes to put in or a link to the steps I really appreciate it.

GE Jasco dimmers have programmable dim rates. You can contact GE to get the parameters, or I believe they’re the same as this model.

Hi @JDRoberts, I decided to try a custom device type modeled from ST’s default Dimmer device type because I have that switch, and I had some time tonight to experiment.

I added a few parameters to change the configuration settings, but no matter what I do the switch just will not change according to the document. I even hard coded values to no avail. I remember a post a while back discussing these particular devices and trying to change those values, and someone else ran into this as well. I’ll go do some more searching to see I can find. Here’s what I was testing with:

I can’t read code (I rely on text to speech), but if it’s not working I do think it would be worth contacting JASCO and getting more information.

Ah yes, forgot, sorry! I did find the post a few minutes ago and I am doing everything right:

I’ll keep experimenting!

Were you able to get this to work? I’m new to SmartThings and I’m trying to do the same thing.

@mklepac, no unfortunately. I shelved this effort to work on a few other projects, but I’ll get back to it eventually.

Just curious if you had any more luck? Thanks!

Nope. My wife likes the way they dim so I didn’t pursue this. I believe someone else did though. I believe there’s another discussion going on about this, so try a quick search. I’ll check around when I get home from work.