Unable to add a value to a global variable using CoRE (not webcore)

I just began using CoRE and have created a few pistons to activate my garage door. I’d like to add a global variable to use with the pistons. I can set the variable from within the piston, but I’m not able to add any values to it. I thought maybe I could edit (add/edit/delete) global variables from the CoRE menu, but I can only view a value (blank) of newly created variable or delete it, but that’s it.

Anyone know how to either:

  • add a value to a global variable from within the piston, and
  • add/edit global variables from within the main menu of the CoRE app?

Thanks much

Core was deprecated a couple of years ago when webcore was introduced and is no longer supported. I’m actually kind of surprised it’s working at all. So I would definitely consider moving to webcore instead.

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Well, not to be a pushback here, but the app still works and I do realize it’s unsupported.

I’m not going to use webcore ever, because it is way too cumbersome to install, and it has to be used/maintained from the web??? … it’s not for me, when CoRE and Smartthings are right there all in one place on my cell.

If I can’t find the answer I need, I may just give up on CoRE since the new smartthings is adequate for my garage door.

I was hoping there may still be some hardCoRE users out there !

In any event, thanks for the quick response.

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there is a webcore app that you can install on your mobile device to manage your pistons or use a browser… choice is good :slight_smile: plus webcore has more capabilities than CoRE.

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CoRE will definitely die this year when Groovy support is removed from SmartThings. I don’t think anyone will work to rewrite it to use the Rules API or as an endpoint app, something that will likely happen for webCoRE.

FWIW, installing webCoRE was no more difficult for me than installing CoRE.

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I use WebCore from my phone. In SmartThings under SmartApps, Webcore. It is able to do everything that you can do from the web interface. Matter of fact I think you have to use the SmartApp to give access to WebCore for your devices.

Howdy jkp,

So I looked up how to install webcore on the cell (android) and here is the link I’m looking at:

jkp, are you the author/contributor of the page above? If so, I’d like to offer my inputs.

First, not to be picky but Smartapp should be SmartApp in step 2 of “Installing webCoRE”?

I followed the “Installing webCoRE” instructions and do not see webcore in the SmartApps list. Since I’m somewhat familiar with adding ‘My SmartApps’ code on the backend, I’m assuming webcore is to be treated similarly to the CoRE install and would need to have the webcore code installed in the backend first before I’d see it in the SmartApps list on my phone under Custom…is this correct?

If so, I would suggest a preface with pertinent info and any necessary link(s) on the url page above. Otherwise, the instructions on the wiki page are well read.

When I had installed CoRE, all I did was googled for the raw code, copied it in and published it.
With webcore I’d have to go thru GitHub first? If correct, the entire procedure moved into my ‘cumbersome’ bucket. :wink:

IMHO, the process for adding a SmartApp into SmartApps that I’d like to see is:

(after Smartthings app is installed on the phone and from the phone)

  • Be able to use a search engine (or library) from within the SmartApps for the webcore app (or any other) and have the SmartApps engine install the code on the backend, request auth,etc. and then place webcore app into the SmartApp list.

Webcore seems to be a powerful tool developed by developers for developers and geeks. If the installation (for any custom SmartApp) was easier for the average slightly technical person (or geeks), more could be inspired to implement more complex smart automations beyond just ST automations.

Since my original post, I have discovered in CoRE that I could create a global variable and instead of defining it as a string, I tried to define it as a number and I was able to place a number value into the global variable. So I will be able to accomplish what I was hoping to, by updating a global variable in my THEN statements, but with numbers instead of strings.

Whenever CoRE gets shutdown, I may possibly consider webcore.

Thanks to all for their inputs

ahh, those instructions you posted above are not the best instructions to follow. they have several sections which are incomplete or out-of-date. i have reported that but it never gets corrected…

here are better installation instructions to use for installing webcore in the ST app. when you get to the section to install in the classic app, there is a little block above that directs you to installing for the new app. yep, not sure why they don’t remove all tHe classic stuff at this point.

but when i mentioned there was a smartapp to edit pistons , go to the app store for your mobile device and search for webcore. once you install the webcore smartapp in ST, you can use the separate webcore app to manage your pistons.

you are welcome to use the ancient core but you may not find much support for it from other users as most have migrated to webcore at this point. there are many advantages to using webcore… more features, easier to use, easier to create rules outside of the ST app either in your browser or the webcore app.

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I removed CORE due to multiple crashes…moved to webcore…it is better.

As they say “never say never” :wink: