Setting Dimmer to Activate at Sunset

Hi, I have three outdoor lights set up on Z-Wave dimmers through Smartthings – a front porch light, a driveway light and a light near my backdoor. I would like to have them all turn on at Sunset and turn off at Sunrise. However, I also need one of the lights to go to only 50% because it is very bright and I want to be considerate of my neighbor. I found Mode Magic, which does most of what I want but it does not give the option of setting the dimmer level when the light goes on. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this? Thanks!

I had a similar issue w/ gentle wake up. I found 100% way too bright. If you have a zwave dimmer on your light, I would suggest manually editing the program via developer tools to only bring it to 50%. I made a version of gentle wake up to 50% that you could probably use, but you would need to manually enter the sunrise/sunset times.

Another non-smart option might be to replace the bulb w/ a lower wattage.

I like the simple idea of just replacing the bulb. Because that just make more sense to me.

Thanks for the advice. I was planning to replace the bulb and still may, but I was hoping to maintain the flexibility of turning up the brightness if I wanted to for some reason. .

As it turns out, after playing around with the App I went into “Lights & Switches” on the Dashboard and then clicked on the Preferences icon at the top of the page and I was then able to set each of the dimmers to turn on and off at Sunset/Sunrise, as well as set the level of brightness independently for each dimmer. So unless I am not understanding this option correctly, it looks like this feature was built into the app all along! Hopefully that will work, but if not I guess I’ll just get a dimmer bulb.