Setting automation to start at sunset and finish at fixed time?

Please tell me how is possible in smartthing app for light automation set beginning at sunset and finish at 22.00


You have to do it with 2 automations, one to turn on and one to turn off


If using the smart lighting app you can specify the start and finish times for the automation under “more options”

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I think that i didnt explain corectly. I want that sensor turn of the light. Between sunset and 22.00. Not tu turn on light at sunset and turn off at 22.00

Where is that smart lighting app?

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You can locate Smart Apps in the Smart Things Application by using the below pathway:

Menu> Smart Apps > (+) > Smart Lighting Smart App and as mentioned above using ‘More Options’ to adjust the settings to achieve your desired “Start at, Ending At, Start and End times”.

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I have only smartthing clothing care and smartthing cooking

Never mind

It also varies by region, depending on your region Smart Lighting may not be available.

Why? …