Setting Advanced Parameters of the Neo Coolcam

I have two of the Neo Coolcam motion sensors. As suggested elsewhere, I have been using the Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 device handler. It reports battery, motion and illuminance. The motion sensor claims to be set for a checkInterval of 28920 (30 seconds?) which appears to be the default for many DHs. I would like to adjust the retrigger interval but don’t see a way to do this in the ST app or in the device handler list on the ST website. Anyone had any luck doing this?

According to the manual, there are advanced settings for the Neo Coolcam that seem to indicate these are adjustable.

I scanned the forum, found csheiene’s DTH but that doesn’t seem to offer setting retrigger interval. Anyone found a DTH that allows this?

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Try Dome Motion Sensor DTH.
The Dome/Zooz and these are the same things as far as I can tell.
The first two may have additional features but the core parameters match (on the device level).
Their respective manuals (and parameters’ data) are different but the linked Neo’s manual is simply wrong. For instance, Neo claims the Motion Sensitivity range (Par. 2) to be between 1 and 4; however, the sensor default value is 12 - exactly what Dome manual says.

Thanks Ooops. I just reviewed this series, [RELEASE] Dome Motion Sensor (Official) and it doesn’t seem to have a retrigger time setting - at least not from the screenshot. It does have a motion timeout setting which I guess I could use, but that’s really not the same thing. Are you aware of whether this setting exists?

First, let me say that I probably do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve.
From what I am reading, it almost sounds like you want (in the absence of motion) to have another MotionOn event triggered. And the Neo Manual does refer to Parameter 6 as ‘Re-trigger Interval Setting’. However, I believe that Neo just got overwhelmed by their feelings and could not express them clearly. Dome seems to be much closer to real life:

Par.6 “After each motion event, the Motion Detector is disabled for the amount of time set by this parameter before it can send out another “Motion Detected” Notification .Report/Binary Sensor Report. This value must be lower than the value of Parameter 2, and if this parameter is reset to default settings, Parameter 2 will also be reset.”

And I’ve just checked, the default value for this parameter is 8. (Dome wins again, and I admit I did not know that translation of ‘10’ from Chinese to English would be ‘8’ but the fact is undeniable :slight_smile:).

You are not actually looking to disable the sensor, are you?

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What I was after was reducing the chatter from the motion sensor. And since having scanned the manual, I somehow lost track of parameter 6 which is exactly what I was after but could not set with the Fibaro. I will try the Dome DTH. Thank you.