Set Temperature based on remote sensor only for certain times?

I’m having trouble finding exactly what I need here and not savvy enough to program myself. I am needing to set my thermostat to cool and override the existing program based on a remote sensor.

Right now it would be set to let’s say 72 at night but the remote sensor never gets to 72. How do I make sure the ac stays on until that remote sensor gets to 72 but only for 11pm to maybe 7am? This seemingly simply scenario is hard to find a solution for… maybe I’m looking in the wrong spots.

Try “ Keep me cozy” and see if it has restrictions you can set.

I tried keep me comfortable which is the newer version and can only limit with mode not actual time of day.

Ah, darn…

I know we all like to use our automation devices for everything, but wouldn’t a simpler solution be to just set the thermostat to X from 11pm to 7am? X being the temp the thermostat needs to be at to satisfy the temp wherever that particular sensor is.
For example, I like my bedroom to be 74 at night. However, if my bedroom is 74, the thermostat is at 72, because with two sleeping adults in the room, the temp is hotter. So I set my thermostat to 72 from 11am to 6pm.

Get out of here with your logic :grin:

If all else fails that’s exactly what I’ll do though.

Believe me, If I could, I would use every sensor I had for every little thing. What thermostat do you have? I’m using the Ecobee 3 with 3 sensors myself. But I have them disabled from 1130 to 6am and have the thermostat do all the work. With an Alexa in almost every room, I can always tell her to turn it down or up.

I’m using the CT101. I was hoping getting it automated would be simple but proved harder than expected. I’m still happy with them for the price…$14 each on closeout from Lowe’s.

I actually use an old ct101 as a temp sensor in our laundry without a vent. It controls a space heater and provides another piece to the zwave mesh.