CT-100 Remote Temperature Like Ecobee 3?

I see that in the Keep Me Cozy II app there is the ability to use remote temperature sensors with the CT-100. Is there a simple implementation of this similar to the Ecobee 3. For instance if we have a guest room that normally isn’t used I understand with the Ecobee 3 we could simply move a remote sensor into that room and use that as the current temperature value. So is there a way to do that with the CT 100 and a Smart Things Motion sensor as an example? How do we tell the CT 100 to use the remote sensor instead of the one at the thermostat?

Also, can the CT- 100 function as a Humidistat?


I think there is a virtual thermostat or something like that… Can you search the community and check? I think there was.

Yes, I saw that one. I think it is more designed to use temperature sensor for input and then activate plug or wall switches to control baseboard heaters, window ac, fans, etc.

I’m trying to find out how I would tell the CT100 to use a remote temperature sensor rather than its inbuilt sensor and if I can make that as easy a process as simply moving the sensors like Ecobee3.

Ok! Fortunately my house is zoned for heating and the have to use two CT100s and the temp on those are very accurate.

Hi @aquaman95, I have implemented the ecobee3 logic into this smartapp:

The smartapp can work with any ST connected thermostat.

You can do a room by room configuration and specify which motion & temp sensors you’d like to use to average out the indoor temps inside a zone. A zone can be composed of 1 or more rooms.

You can also indicate if a room needs to be occupied in order to be included in the average temp calculation.

If needed, you can even control room thermostats only (slaves) vs. the master thermostat in a HVAC system within a user-defined schedule (ex. mornings, evenings, nights, etc.)


P.S. The smartapp requires some setup time as it’s very flexible…


I “liked” it but I have to say that is awesome. Now I gotta try it.

Awesome. Thank you, Yves!