Remote Temp Sensor as Full-Time Thermostat Replacement?

My thermostat is located in a room that the heater heats up very quickly…and as a result the rest of the house gets very cold because the heat turns off when the thermostat reads the desired setting…although the rest of the house is not that same temperature.

I’d like to place a temp sensor in another area of the house and use an app or device handler to completely replace the temperature setting on the thermostat with the remote temp sensor.

I’ve seen apps where you can use a remote sensor, but the functionality is limited.

I do things with my thermostat such as: turn the thermostat down to 69 at night, and then automatically raise the temp to 74 an hour before we get up.

I’d also like to be able to simply raise or lower the temp throughout the day based on the remote temp sensor…not just have a pre-setting that some of the remote apps that I’ve seen limit you to.

Any thoughts?? Thanks!

what is your thermostat type?

If using Nest automations, it has a built-in automation for what you describe.

Good App here along with many other awesome and useful Apps and DTHs.


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Sorry, should have specified - I’m using a Zen Thermostat.

If you are using a thermostat that can be controlled by Smartthings, then you can use Webcore to do what you wish. I’m doing it with my ecobee thermostats (using the Free Ecobee Suite). Time of day, external weather conditions, other sensors including contact, presence, motion temperature etc can all be deployed to control the thermostat. I actually have one ecobee controlling the program running on the other.