Set Osram color temp after switched off(power off to bulb)

I am new to the smartthings hub. Let me explain my situation. I have a wall switch that controls the porch and three lights outside the garage. The garage lights are 3500 kelvin. I have installed a Zwave GE switch to control the lights to come on at sunset and off at sunrise. That part works great. I bought a Osram white temp adjustable bulb for the porch to adjust he light to match the garage lights at 3500k. I would like to have the Osram bulb I installed at the porch stay off and only come on with motion around the front porch due to the light shining through the window into the bedroom at night. I installed a IRIS motion sensor at the front door.

By using two Smart apps that are available in the Smarttings app, I can control the porch light how I want as far as coming on with motion and setting the dimming level, but every time the GE wall switch power cycles the light circuit the OSRAM defaults to 2700k. Is there an app to not only set the dimming but also the white color?