Osram Lightify GU10 resets colour temp

I have Osram Lightify GU10 tuneable white lamps. Added to ST direct via app on iOS.

All work fine with my integration, however I have the colour temp set to 6500K, yet it keeps resetting to 2700K.

I set it to 6500K in ST on iOS (all up to date) but resets. Is there a way to keep it at colour temp I chose?


Does it do that all by itself? Can you provide more detail on the scenario on how that happens?

Have automation to come on when gets motion from ST sensor during sunrise to sunset. It then good off after no motion of 5 mins.

Also seems to happen when, mistakenly, it’s switched off from wall switch.

That’s expected with Osram bulbs, unless they are joined to Osram’s hub and not ST. I use to have several Osram bulbs, and I got rid of them because of this.

Within your Automation, you should be able to specify the color temp along with the on command if I remember right.