Set Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat to turn on/off at specific times

Prior to investing in SmartThings, I programmed heat and cool settings on our Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat (YTH8320ZW1007/U) based on various times. For example, set heat to 69F at 6:00 AM, set heat to 65F at 7:30 AM, set heat to 68F at 5:30 PM, set heat to 64F at 11:00 PM. In summer, similar settings for the A/C. I read that SmartThings supported this specific thermostat model.

Under “Add a SmartApp”, then “Climate Control”, I could not locate an existing app to address simple time settings. I did see a similar topic from 2014 and found the “Keep Me Cozy II” app, but no other app’s to support time settings. Time settings are basic features for any programmable thermostat.

I’m not a developer and do not have extensive experience with SmartThings. Am I looking in the wrong location? Suggestions much appreciated. Many thanks…

I expect SmartThings (ST) to implement time-based changes to paired thermostats in ST-routines which are accessible from the phone-app. Not typically by a custom device type/handler that would change the thermostat’s internally-hosted time scheduler.

There are other thermostats that make non-ST remote-access changes to the thermostat’s internal time scheduler, such as Ecobee3 and Radio Thermostat CT30 , via their manufacture’s phone-app. I don’t think they are Zwave or Zigbee-based since they would have to join the local WLAN or LAN to provide remote access.

Good info. I can manually control the temperature through SmartThings via iPhone or iPad, but not through SmartApps. I purchased our Honeywell thermostat ($139) since it was Z-Wave and could be controlled through our Honeywell 6280i Tuxedo Z-Wave Touch Screen (Ethernet version cost $350+tax & shipping) attached to our ADT system. This was a few years prior to implementing SmartThings, and was also one factor to purchasing SmartThings.

The Honeywell 6280i Tuxedo Z-Wave Touch Screen panel supported this thermostat as well as other Z-Wave devices, but with a limit of eight “Scenes”, which are similar to SmartApps. After implementing SmartThings, I converted the eight “Scenes” into eight SmartApps, then added several more which was not possible on the Honeywell control panel due to its limit.

The WiFI version of the thermostat was upgraded to support a few more than eight “Scenes”, but not the model we purchased since I preferred hardwiring our security system rather than using WiFI. I did see the new ADT SmartThings hub, but it will not work with our system since we have 23 hardwired sensors, four touch screens, and cellular monitoring, all connected to a control panel.

SmartThings states “The Honeywell Z-Wave Thermostat YTH8320ZW1007/U is a Z-Wave-based thermostat. It can be used to remotely and automatically control the temperature inside your home with SmartThings.” So I’m asking how can this be done?

I’m careful about implementing new technology so it integrates with SmartThings (as in this case), but I’m hesitant to begin replacing existing technologies only to now work with SmartThings, when it was supposed to in the first place. How can I directly communicate this issue with SmartThings? Thanks.

I think you can do that by having 3 instances of the SmartApp Thermostat Mode Director you can find in Climate Control.
Just name one like routine1 and the other one routine2 and the last one routine3

In routine1 you can specify a range of time every day from 6am to 7:29 with a given temperature 69F
in routine2, same from 7:30 to 5:29 to 65F
In routine3, same from 5:30 to 11:00 at 64F

and so one if you want more settings slices.

That’s just a workaround, but it should solve your issue

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Thanks for your suggested workaround, I may be doing this incorrectly as it had no effect on changing the temperature. I’ll try when I return home next week and let you know. Thanks…

Sure thing, I use it in a economy purpose on my side. When a window/door is opened more than x min, it would suspend the HVAC so I didn’t try the scheduling aspect but I believe it should work.

If you need support on the smartapp itself, you can certainly contact the app owner at:

I quickly checked the code and you might check the ST app logs to see if the event showing up. One reason the app would not work properly is if you didn’t properly setup your hub localization (timezone and time/date). ST has no notion of local time so you have to have things consistent. I don’t recall if this is only based on the hub location