Set automatic timer with Smart Power Outlet

I have just received the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit and wanted to use the SmartThings Outlet to operate the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) unit. I was looking to program the SmartThings Outlet to turn on/off every few hours. Can someone please help me with suggesting an app for this purpose? I tried Smart Home Ventilation app, but it seems it’s only for Z-wave devices, I think. I can turn on/off the HRV via the SmartThings app manually as & when required but was hoping for an automated solution.

Thanks in advance.

If you want a set schedule for the plug such as on at 2 off at 3, on at 6 off at 8 etc etc. You can do that right in smart lighting. You would just need a separate instance for each cycle.


Yes, i came across smart lighting earlier but since I wanted to do this for the wholeday I would have to create lots of cycles. I was hoping if there was something out there like Smart Home Ventilation but for zig-bee devices.

Smart Home Ventilation should work with any device with Switch capability regardless of zwave/zigbee/wifi/whatever. It may have been designed using a zwave switch, but the SmartThings capabilities are protocol agnostic. Does your outlet not show up as a switch if you install the SmartApp?

Yup, i made the entire schedule on Smart Home Venitaltion app and it’s not working. The Smart Power Outlet does show up in this app. Not sure what could be wrong with the settings? I have made sure there are no over laps in any/all the scenarios. when i dug deeper into it i found that this app was made for z-wave devices and hence thought it won’t work for this zig-bee outlet. But you are saying it should work regadless of whichever wireless protocol?

Yes, it should work for any “switch” device, which the outlet qualifies as. Did you restrict it to specific modes or days by chance? Does the device work by turning it on/off in the app?

If it all looks like it should be working, I’d contact ST support. Since it’s an official SmartApp, they should be able to provide full support and help you find and resolve the issue.

the only restriction is hours of the day and yes the outlet is controlable if used outside of the Smart Ventilation App, meaning i can control it manually.
OK, i will reach out to support and see what they can do.
Thanks Scott

Rule Machine will do what you want. You can set up a Rule that will watch for the device to be off, and then will wait x minutes (60? 120?) then turn on the device for x minutes before turning itself off again, triggering the rule to start over again.

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Thanks Colin, I will try it :slight_smile: