Set 3 motion alerts to trigger one push notification?

So, this maybe much simpler than I think. I would like to have Den motion, Living Room Motion and Front Door Motion trigger a push notification. So that means that when all three devices or seeing motion… fire a notification because something is definitely tripping the detectors. Is that possible to do in SmartThings? Thanks

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Yup! Definitely possible!

I have only one motion detector, so I haven’t set this up, but it’s just a matter of choosing the right SmartApp… Or possibly encouraging one of us to contribute one or help you write one if necessary.

Check out the main Solution SmartApps off the dashboard view, then Smart Alarm by @geko

Someday it will be easier to search for this stuff, but you came to the right place.

I’m not sure I entirely understand what to look for. A custom app or something?

That’s a reasonable question :smile:!

SmartThings is getting closer and closer to having a rapid way for Community Developed SmartApps to be certified and shared right in the mobile user interface under the Dashboard “+” pages.

Right now, for example, under “+” / SmartSetup / More / Safety & Security; you can install a SmartApp called “Smart Security” … “Alerts you when there are intruders but doesn’t sound a false alarm when you get up for water in the night …”.

But while that is “close” to what you need, I’m guessing it isn’t exactly the best SmartApp.

So … instead you can read up on a, so far uncertified, but shared, SmartApp called “Smart Alarm” and install it via your API - IDE login (gosh … we need a FAQ on that procedure … it’s written up a dozen times – really pretty easy).

Take at look at this Topic and either experiment and/or come back here for more details, ok?
You may find installation instructions in that Topic or via Forum Search, or can also Private Message the developer… This is an ad hoc process, but the results are worthwhile.

…CP / Terry.

Thanks very much for your help.
With your excellent instruction I was able to find the app and get it loaded.
Have to say, now that I’ve discovered the world of custom apps, I believe the Smartthing solution is now the best smart home system on the market.

Thanks much!

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