Serious Connectivity Problems with Zigbee Devices

Unplugged or just turned off?

If it’s plugged in, it’s still active on Wi-Fi even if it’s turned off.

Since 2017, Microsoft has used its own proprietary frequency for controller communication. It’s in the 2.4 band but a little higher than Bluetooth so it’s supposed to have fewer problems with disconnects.

One problem that still affects it is USB 3.0 interference, so I’ll just toss that in here,

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That’s a good point, it was just turned off and not unplugged. But I just turned off the WiFi on the TV to see if that’ll help.

I did read about USB 3.0 interference and I’m not sure if my new TV has that type of port. But you have to imagine a ton of people would be having this problem since the Samsung S90C is a very popular gaming TV.

Who knows, maybe my Xbox Series X is having hardware problems with its wireless controller communication system. I have no idea how that would get fixed, other than buying a new console :frowning:

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I did another test. My daughter turned on the Xbox earlier and was playing, immediately there were controller problems with disconnecting/reconnecting (she was yelling at me because it was messing up her games :slight_smile:). I turned off the WiFi on my new TV and the problems were still happening. So I decided to unplug the V2 hub and take out the batteries. I played for a little over an hour with the hub offline, there were ZERO controller problems.

When I put the batteries back in and plugged in the hub, my controller immediately disconnected/reconnected. At this point I’m almost positive the hub is causing interference with my Xbox controllers, I don’t know what other test I should run to further isolate the problem.

I just don’t know why all this started unless the hub’s having some kind of hardware problems or a software update messed things up.