Separate Router Required?

(Michael Wolf) #1

I have two systems requiring hubs, ( Arlo Cameras and Liftmaster MyQ), that require an ethernet connection to my existing router.

I purchased the Smart Things 3 unit Mesh system, hoping to both upgrade my WiFi coverage to MESH, as well as modernize my home automation system, from my existing HomeSeer installation.

I was HOPING to also eliminate my current router. However given the hard connection requirements of the the two hubs mentioned above, it appears that this will NOT be possible.

It appears this is only a WIFI router, without any ethernet connections or capabilities.

Thanks, and I am glad to join this excellent community.


It has ethernet in, obviously, because it has to connect to the modem. ( that’s why it comes with an ethernet cable.) But it doesn’t have Ethernet out.

What’s the brand and model of your modem?

(Michael Wolf) #3

Cisco DPC 3208 cable modem.

Linksys EA9500 Ethernet/WiFi router

Apparently the SmartThings “router” is essentially WiFi only

(Bryan) #4

I don’t have a Samsung Connect, but from what I read, it’s not a router. It acts as a mesh wireless access point system. Wireless access points are different than routers in that they don’t have router functionality such as routing traffic and handing out IPs. AFAIK, you’ll still need a separate router.

(Michael Wolf) #5

Yes, I’m beginning to understand that.

I wish Samsung had not used the descriptor “Router” in the product literature.

Thank you for your reply.