Sensibo and ActionTiles

Looking for best place to post this, I decided ActionTiles was a client so here it goes. We have a Sensibo aircon controller, and I have just bought into ActionTiles. This morning I was surprised to see that devices that integrate to SmartThings via their own cloud account are not offered as devices in ActionTiles. Due to some searching, I have discovered that some control can be achieved by setting up virtual switches which do show up in AT. However I have not yet found out how to read the Sensibo - eg to find out what temperature it is sensing etc. Any way around this?

My understanding was that ActionTiles matches devices based on capabilities. It starts off with the deprecated but still extremely useful tag capabilities ‘Sensor’ and ‘Actuator’ (hence ‘Zigbee Switch’ devices only appearing in the second group as they don’t have the ‘Sensor’ capability defined even though they have attributes), and then works its way through about nine other common capabilities. The c2c integrations aren’t offered Sensor and Actuator capabilities but they should still appear if they have one of the others. You may perhaps have just got unlucky with the supported capabilities, and maybe ActionTiles needs to revisit its list if they are accidentally excluding devices they could potentially support to some extent.

I just assumed AT would be able to “see” anything ST could. Oh well…

Not sure if you made the same mistake as I did a while ago (probably not) but I needed to really dig through all of the entire list of capabilities to find one particular device (can’t recall which). I initially thought it wasn’t there, but I missed it a couple of times which was a bit odd.

I know in the beginning Action Tiles and SharpTools had trouble with devices using the new ST Schema cloud integrations since there was no Groovy DTH component to it. I know @joshua_lyon of SharpTools made some workaround for this, but not sure about Action Tiles. Could always use the free trial of SharpTools to see if it works any better with it.


It’s always more efficient to contact ActionTiles Support if you want a prompt and precise answer.

Please open a ticket and I will be happy to assist you with this issue.

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Alex, I know it doesn’t support it as it stands, so it would have been a bit of a waste of your support people’s time to tell me something I already knew. I felt asking here meant I might reach more people who might have known of a workaround.

ActionTiles is compatible with any device that claims at least one of the following capabilities:

  • sensor
  • actuator
  • switch
  • battery
  • temperatureMeasurement
  • doorControl
  • garageDoorControl
  • thermostatCoolingSetpoint
  • thermostatHeatingSetpoint
  • windowShade
  • refresh

I do not know which capabilities are claimed by this Sensibo controller, but I would be surprised if it claims none of the above. Please double check whether the device appears in one of the selection lists. If it doesn’t, I will look into taking care of it.

Oh right, I had forgotten about the “authorise” lists cos it was some time ago I last saw them. A bit obscure to navigate to that but yes I found it - on three of the many lists. Why so many lists, and why are so many of the entries on them identical?

The only alternative to “many lists” is even more lists. ActionTiles supports over 25 capabilities, but since most devices present multiple capabilities, they can be consolidated in one of the list above. This is quirk is specific to Classic SmartThings API, this won’t be an issue under the new platform.

Oh is it one list per capability?

think so

Be really good if the lists were headed with what the capability was rather than just “select more things”. Now that is something that is worth bringing up on the actiontiles site :slight_smile: