Sense Energy Monitor

Sense home energy monitor.

Is anyone using this yet? If so, could you share your real-world experiences?

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Thanks @anon36505037. That’s exactly the same application I was considering.

I know we’ve been discussing the Samsung “smart” washer and various ways of detecting washer/dryer activity. I figured one device to rule them all would be a better implementation than several devices attached to individual appliances. Plus, I need an HEM, so I figured I could kill a flock of birds with one stone.

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I have one. I installed it about a month and a half ago but so far I’m not very impressed. It figured out a few of my appliances quickly but it’s still can’t tell the difference between my dryer and the microwave. They say it will keep improving as more people use it but for now I’d say don’t bother :frowning:


Cool. Thanks @tonyfalcone. I’ve been looking at some of the more complex devices for HEM (Sense, Ecoisme, Neurio, etc) instead of going with a standard HEM.

I guess I’ll wait a few months to see how the “learning” process goes and whether the company responds with timely updates.

I have one on order. Should get it shortly. For me it was a good compromise between some of the other systems that are more expensive given the number of circuits I have. I am assuming this will get better and smarter as the install base grows.

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Yes, @John_DellArciprete. I was thinking the same thing.

I was really intrigued by the fact that it already comes with the logic to detect appliances based upon power consumption and fluctuations in said consumption. That means less fun coding projects for me, but a problem solved is a problem solved.

Hopefully, we’ll start to see some positive feedback from its more mature install base in the upcoming months.

This guy has a 2 week and an 83 day review. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive to order after watching these, but I went ahead anyway.

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Been using my Sense energy monitor for about 5 days. It installed very easily and it has discovered several devices. Very happy so far.

Thanks for the update @John_DellArciprete. So, a couple questions:

Is there any integration with ST for this thing? Also, can you trigger off of specific appliances turning on?

I’m still trying to figure out if I should start looking into Sense or Ecoisme, or just keep the $10 HEM I currently have.

I do not believe there is any integration with Smart Things as of yet. I am sure there are some creative use cases for integration but I dont foresee needing any of them. I have Solar and really like to see what the production is real time along with what devices in my house use the most electricity. So far I can see that in real time with Sense and I fully expect the product to significantly grow in features.

I personally looked into Curb, and a few others but the all ended up being more expensive than I wanted as they did not cover the amount of circuits I needed and I often needed 2 devices.

I know I saw a quick video of a device that did integrate with smart things… I cant recall what it was… but as mentioned when I priced it out it was more than I wanted to spend.

Is Sense the only one that covers solar production against grid consumption?

No… I know others do this as well. Curb does for sure.

FYI… Sense is now integrated with IFFT which opens the door for all sorts of SmartThings use cases.

With IFTTT, you can now do more with your Sense energy monitor by connecting it to SMS, WeMo Switch, Google Drive, Email, Lutron Caséta Wireless and more.

IFTTT (“If this, than that”) lets you create conditional statements, known as “applets,” which are triggered based on changes to other web services. With Sense and IFTTT you can now trigger events based on changes to the status of unconnected devices. For example, you can trigger a smart light to turn on when Sense detects garage door activity.

To get started go to IFTTT will guide through connecting your Sense account. Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can use one of the existing applets or create your own.

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Awesome! Thanks for that info.

Anyone think about an integration into ST with this?

For those interested in Energy Monitoring, I use flukso. While is Australian base, it works just fine here in the US. They have an Open API and you can even poll locally using a Mqtt client… Open source all the way :slight_smile:
I would love to see St work with it!

Sense recently released a public webapp ( Anyone take a look at the feed it’s using and see if a SmartApp could be written to utilize it?

Some work being done here to decode the API as well:

Here is an unofficial and unsupported API:

I should be getting one of these soon. Willing to help figure out how we could use this in ST.

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