Senior Safety System


I’ve just found out about this system so my apologies if these are stupid questions.

I’d like to develop a cheap passive system to install in seniors houses to keep them safe and give their kids peace of mind. Will I be able to use ST to alert someone if the senior either doesn’t go to bed by a certain time, or doesn’t get up by a certain time. While there are phones out there that will auto-dial if a button isn’t pressed by a certain time this is a passive system, so it’s better. If they’ve fallen and can’t get up, and can’t reach their medic alert it will let the kids know that evening, or the next morning if it happens in the bedroom.

My question is can I program the system or the APP to send a text if motion isn’t detected on a motion sensor by a certain time?



The short answer to your question is yes. But the details of your logic will be a little tricky as you are looking for something that didn’t happen. SmartThings is an event driven system.

You’d have to use your time as the event, walk the event list of the motion detector at that time looking for active states within a given time frame, and if not found, send the text.

This most likely will mean getting your hands dirty with the IDE as I don’t recall seeing a ready made app to do this.

One more thing to consider when deciding if SmartThings is for you is that, if your Internet goes down (it happens), or SmartThings servers have an issue (it currently happens too often for me to be confident enough to use it for mission critical stuff), your scheduled event won’t fire, and you may think all is well when it may not be.

Frankly, if it was my Mom, I would prefer to get confirmation of the event rather than assuming “all’s well” if you get nothing, because getting nothing does not rule out system failure.

Thanks very much for your reply. Definitely some things to think about for sure. I haven’t looked at creating my own app yet. Is it hard? Have you done some? While adding a button would increase peace of mind i first thought the ideal scenario would be a completely passive system. Also, how much of the time are the servers down? Do you know when they’ll be moving to not relying on the cloud so the systems could operate autonomously?

Next year sometime, but you will still need to rely on the cloud if you want remote notifications, so it doesn’t really matter in your case.