Professional Monitoring Service for SmartThings System

Hi everyone, I’ve seen the post about integrating SmartThings with an existing traditional alarm system with professional remote monitoring (, but what about the reverse?

I just set up SmartThings with Z-Wave motion sensors, Kwikset SmartCode deadbolts, and Nest Protect smoke detectors. I’m interested in only adding a monitoring service, because I’m not always paying 100% attention to my phone alerts. I’d also like for a smoke alarm to report to someone who can reach out to 911 on my behalf, particularly if I’m in the house when it’s on fire.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?

At this time it isn’t possible. You have to go through a company like eyez-on to report to a UL approved company and they only support real alarm systems. Home alarms are really behind the times in regards to internet reporting, and things like ST are ahead of government agencies like fire and police.

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You can program SmartThings to send text messages to anyone with a cellphone number - your relatives, friends, neighbors. The problem is that it’s not reliable. First of all, SmartThings is notorious for its event system hiccups when events are delayed by several minutes and some times hours or not delivered at all. Second, they use a 3rd-party SMS service (Twilio, I thing) and seem to periodically run out of their allotted message limit, so the messages are just not being sent. Not good for an emergency alert system.

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So it looks like the solution might be to abandon ST all together and go with something like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch. That way, I can keep the Z-Wave automation and add remote monitoring services, like EyezOn, without needing a computer to relay the messages. That’s kind of a bummer. I just got my SmartThings this month!

I’ve spent countless hours developing security-related smart apps like Smart Alarm and Remind to Lock. Still, at the end of the day I can’t trust SmartThings as my security system. It’s just too flaky. It may be fine as a “second line of defense”, auxiliary alarm, but it’s not a substitute for a “real” home alarm system that’s designed to do only one thing but do it well.

Given the launch of V2 Hub and and smart monitoring smartapp, I was wondering if anyone had an update (esp @geko) on if the issues and reliability have improved, and especially if smartthings or anyone else will offer some form of UL monitoring and reporting service.

Prior to the launch of V two SmartThings announced an arrangement with scout alarm where SmartThings customers with either V one or V2 can get scout alarm monitoring. I believe the cost is $20 a month. They can only call the police department, not The fire department. But it is UL listed, and you do not need to buy the scout alarm hardware.


As far as I recall, there was a rumor about Scout integration. The link that @jody.albritton posted is now dead. And there’s no mention of SmartThings integration on the Scout website either. There’s an FAQ section, but its empty:

So, I guess something didn’t quite work out between Scout and SmartThings.

I don’t think that reliability has changed with the launch of V2. Fundamentally, being a cloud-based system, 99% percent of reliability issues are on the back-end side. Yes, theoretically, V2 is able to execute smart apps locally, but practically, only the Smart Lights app has been cleared for local execution. Smart Home Monitor still runs in the cloud.

Interesting! There still a mention in scout support pages:

I’ll admit I was surprised when it was first announced since I didn’t think the V two as delivered met UL listed monitoring center’s requirements. It can’t call the center if the Internet is out. But I don’t know, I didn’t look very far into it since scout alarm can’t call the fire department.

I got this from scout alarm today:

We are in the process of providing the Scout 24/7 Professional Monitoring for the SmartThings system. Unfortunately, we do not have any additional details or dates to share at this time, but please stay tuned for more information. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our Scout Alarm blog for real-time updates!

This is what i got from Scout on twitter today:

It appears they (Scout) now integrate with IFTTT, Amazon Echo, and several other “smart” things. This may be the way to go for me. Its a shame that the existing contact sensors cant be used for both ST and Scout. Having 2 of everything may look cluttered and downgrade the WAF.

Its a shame they dont have a panel to arm/disarm. Youre solely reliant on having your phone or RFID tag to disarm.