Sengled Smart Light Switch (ZigBee) control brightness of lights?

Hi all;
Newbie here to the SmartThings and programming;
I have just bought a Sengled Smart Light Switch from Best Buy, i have it joined to the SmartThings Hub without issue and it shows up as Type ZigBee Battery Accessory Dimmer.
I have set up automation for its on/off buttons but after searching for about 2 hours now I can’t figure out how to make the light brightness adjust the brightness of the bulbs, is there something obvious I am missing here?

Funny enough, I was just playing with this with an Ikea dimmer remote, which uses the same device handler. Try the mirror function in Smart Lights.


Hmm… I don’t see anything like that in the SmartThings App, what app are you using for that type of automation?

SmartThings. In the Classic app, Smart Lights is the marketplace. In the new app, Smart Lights is under Automations.

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OH WOW… There it is!
See… Newbie… ugh… thanks for your help!!!

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Im not sure about setting it up in SmartThings as i have the sengled hub and bulbs. No issues. You set the dimmer the same as setting the options for 1 click 2 click and a long click. I know in the sengled app, it shows a pic of the switch and u tap the buttons to program each. SmartThings app should have something similar. Or maybe its limited?

Here is the offical instructiins from Sengled. If you already have this oh well. Hope you figured it out.

Had a dumb question, can the “mirror behavior” be used for Ikea Tradfri dimmer switch also?
I tried doing this but under “mirror which switch”, it does not show my Ikea dimmer.

I use the mirror function with our Ikea hockey puck remote

Thanks! Also, how is the battery life for Sengled smart switch?
I am using Ikea dimmer switch (square one), and the battery life is very bad. Others have also reported the same for that dimmer.

Would really like to know about the battery life of Sengled smart switch.

Thanks in advance!