Sengled smart dimmer switch - reprogram to use as 4 separate buttons?

I recently got this Sengled smart dimmer switch:

It pairs fine with SmartThings (it was automatically found and added as a Zigbee dimmer battery accessory), however I was hoping, through the use of SmartLighting or webCore (or both), to reprogram it so that all four buttons can be independently used to control four different devices.

However I’m now not sure it’s possible. Here was my original idea that I tinkered with:

If the switch is OFF, and you press the “raise dimming level” button, it turns the switch ONand raises it’s level. So I made an IF block stating that if the switch’s level is raised to 55, toggle the bedside light’s power state, set the switch level back to 50, and turn the switch OFF. This way you press the “raise dimming level” button once and it turns ON the bedside light, press it again and it turns the light OFF.

Same with the “lower dimming level” button. If the switch’s level is lowered to 45, toggle the bathroom light’s power state, set the switch’s level back to 50, and turn the switch OFF.

So far so good.

But from here, it seams like I can go one of two ways - each of which will let me use either the ON button or the OFF button for a third device, but will leave the fourth button unusable.

For example, at the end of each automation, I have the switch’s level return to 50 (which then enables the raise dim and lower dim buttons to trigger their respective IF statements) and then turn the switch OFF. This way I can now use the ON button to control a third device with a statement like IF the switch turns ON and level is at 50 (or unchanged), toggle the hallway light’s power state, then turn switch off.

I tried this and was able to get it to work, so that all three buttons now toggle on/off three different devices. However, since the switch is always being turned OFF at the end of each automation (making it available to pick up the ON button press), if you press OFF on the switch, nothing happens because no OFF command is being used/sent because the switch already is OFF… basically rendering the OFF button useless.

Or I can do it the other way and have the switch always being turned ON at the end of each automation, in which case an IF statement could look if the switch is turned OFF and if so, toggle whatever light and then set the switch back to ON. However this then renders the ON button useless, since if you press it and the switch is already ON, no commands are sent.

Any ideas out there on how I could make this work? Or if there’s a way to detect that the OFF button is being pressed even when the switch is already OFF (or, vice versa, detect the ON button being pressed when the switch is already ON)? Sorry if this is a little long winded, hopefully it makes sense.

Or should I just return it and get another SmartThings button, which seems much easier to program for four devices?

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I got the same issue, im trying to do it with WebCore but could not do it.