Sengled light strip

Anyone who has the light strip, is it good? I’m putting 2 light strips kitchen cabinets & this piece is better then Phillip’s but some reviews are not good. I know it works with the smartthings hub so the added bonus is.not needing a hie hub. Any input is appreciated.

I have 3 under my cabinets and they work great. Dimming is kind of weird but you get used to it. Is kind of choppy…Colors are great

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Hey quick queation, my contractor is finishing my kitchen & if I’m not here & he installs the sengled light strip, can I pair them.aftee or must they be paired b4 he puts them.up? Byw…I opened my boxes & I notice it has a small box with a button, is that a remote? I thought it was just a small.plug that attaches to the light strip.

I have my outlets in the cabinets so the cord will.not be seen but I thought that was weird that it’s so much bulk to a little.light strip.


Ps…I notice Phillip’s hue looks like it has a power cord & button knob also but I got the lights today for 39.99 so I dont want to return them.

Old discussion I know, but how are these holding up? I’m thinking of using a few of these around the house and I’m researching my options. Thanks!

They are great and going strong!

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Hi all, apologies on rebooting an old discussion, but is anyone aware of how to have the colours change together if you have more than one set? (I’m planing to get 3) - confirming this is for Sengled light strip + ST App.

Thanks in advance!

I have 3 sets under my cabinets in the kitchen & they connect to my hub in the living room. Even though they are near, every so often I have to reset them by pulling the plug out. Overall for the cost they are not to bad. You cant change the individual bulbs on them, if you want that you would need to get lifix or innovelli. They integrate easily with smartthings & I use Alexa to change the color because I dont like how smartthings doesnt give you individual colors to select, it’s a stupid wheel like thing that makes nonsense. The option I didnt have was innovelli at that time so I would say if you can get that brand light strip get it. His company makes great products & Eric is very helpful on this forum with support.

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Thanks very helpful!

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A few comments in addition to the great advice above, I also agree for the price the Sengled LED strip is pretty good. Since I’m in Australia the ZigBee frequency is different so I don’t have access to some of the other lights mentioned above such as the innovellli to try :disappointed_relieved: (they looked good)

The white is brightest I found at 2650-2700K and since the RGB chip is about a quarter the size of the dedicated white, the colour brightness is less (still okay for me).

They connect easily to the V3 wifi hub.

I was nearly finished with some webcore pistons to sync all that lights to control in groups, before I found the smartapp “Colour Coordinator” it helps sync all the lights to a master which is great.

In any case a solid little strip so I got a few more during the sales!

Whilst I have a decent amount of LIFX the reliability and cost are now forcing me to look elsewhere.

Cheers :blush:

Yes they are inexpensive. When i purchased them I hot them at 39.99 each. Cant go wrong with the price, but again at that time there was no innovelli light strip his products seem to be the best.