Send google assistant command to google home?

Is it possible to automate a google assistant command? For example, when everyone leaves send the command “hey google, play some music everywhere”

I’ve been racking my head about this and there isn’t any way unless you run a second computer (see thread titled something like “DTH for Chromecast”).

I guess I could do it now by using Sonos to send a TTS “OK Google, …” Wonky at best, but it would work. My main goal is to get rid of Sonos though and just use Homes as speakers (good enough for me). So I need someway to push music commands to Home.

@Rhinesel I have DTH for Chromecast working, and I can play a song if i give it the url. Alas, I cannot send commands like “okay google, play some music everywhere” or “okay google, at what time is the sunset?” I tried TTS “ok google” but it does not work.