Google assistant - "BROADCAST" command as TTS

Hi there,

I found that the “broadcast” command can act as a Text to speech
Basically just type in google assistant "broadcast "

My question is: Is there a way to send a google assistant command via webcore or is there an app that currently does it?

Not really that good with google api, but i believe that would be feasible?
what do you guys think?


Unfortunately, there is no way to send a command to Google Home. There is a DTH but you need to be running another system 24/7 with special software on it.

Have you tried that using IFTTT? I know you can set up custom commands to be sent to Google home/assistant through IFTTT.

Hi yes i use IFTTT, but this is a different approach

So just to give you guys an example
If you have a google home, just summon google assistant on your phone and type in “broadcast welcome home”

You will hear it through your google home speakers
I was wondering if we have some kind of a http post of such a command and implement it in webcore

If you have an Android phone and are familiar with Tasker this might work


Yeah that will work for sure, meh i guess, wanted to find a way to remove the android device from the equation

For those willing to do this, yes the above method works

Man I wish I had found this guide a few weeks ago, I had to figure it out the hard way lol

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I’ve been looking for something similar too. Unfortunately I’ve had no luck as of yet.
I’ve got voice working in Python, but the problem is the assistant sdk doesn’t allow for text input yet

I know it’s Node, not Python, but take a look at this:
Someone brought the Assistant SDK to Node and that’s an example of a console-only way to interact. I kind of got it working on my Raspberry Pi 3, but haven’t spent much time with it since. From this I think it’d be a webhook away from working decently in a ST setup.

(This would still require a dedicated device running the code)


Oh wow, its been updated.

I’ve just checked it and yes, you can do broadcasts! I might try and whip something up to integrate with ST


For those interested in this
Pls look at this post instead

Hi get an “Access denied” on this page you are referring to. Why?

@ChrZZ Try this

Since Google Assistant Relay v1 has been sunseted check out Google Assistant Relay v2 and a smartapp to send notifications at this forum post

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Bookmarked for sure!