How to create a "thing" involving chromecast and Google Home

I have a SmartThings hub, a Harmony hub, and a Chromecast that’s attached to a Home theater receiver input. Oh, and Google Home.

I am able to say “Ok Google, activate TV TIME” and Google home will connect to my SmartThings Hub, which runs the “TV TIME” thing, which tells my Harmony Hub to run TV TIME, which turns on my TV and goes to input #1, and Home Theater Receiver turns on and goes to input: ‘Television’. lol it also turns on my living room lights to mid-levels.

Now, I want to be able to say “Ok Google, play music on Living Room Chromecast”. I want to hear that music playing on my Home Theater receiver. I assume (oh that word!) that I need to have SmartThings tell my Harmony Hub to turn on the Home Theater Receiver, and go to input: “Chromecast”.

What I don’t know is how to have Google Home play music on that chromecast.

And, how to wrap it into one neat phrase. Can anyone help please?

It’s built in to chromecast. First get the chromecast showing on the tv and sound coming out of the receiver manually. Then say k google, play music on living room. If that plays music on the chromecast then u can setup a harmony activity and use a shortcut in google home. The Google command might be “tell harmony to turn on the chromecast setup and play music on living room”

Optionally you can use two seperate commands with no shortcut. 1 harmony and 1 google command. Ok google tell harmony to turn on the caster, ok google play music on living room.

My tv receiver setup uses hdmi cec so i dont use harmony for my google home casting. I named my chromecast “TV” so i just say play music on the tv and it all comes on.

Gotcha, I’ll give it a try for one command as you suggested.

The AND command is still pretty new for google assistant.

One thing to think about, which you may have already done, is to set the Home speaker to play music through the chromecast by default instead of through the speaker (in the settings for that speaker), which I did.

Sounds like you’re tying to do what I did for around the holidays. For Christmas, I set up a Smartthings routine called “Merry Christmas” that activated a scene, which turned on lights (setting some to green, some to red), turned on the outlet the Christmas tree lights were plugged into, turned on the stereo receiver (that has my chromecast audio connected to it), etc., everything except playing the music. Then I set up a shortcut for my Google home called “It’s Christmas” using the “and”, which activated the Smartthings routine, and started playing my music (from Google Play Music). Here’s how I set up the shortcut:

When I say It’s Christmas
activate Merry Christmas and shuffle my Christmas Playlist.

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Oh ok, thanks! LOL I have to remember how to work with Harmony - I already did a thing with it and promptly forgot how!

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