Send an IR command programmatically from Harmony?

Every hour I want to send a single IR command to Harmony from WebCore, as a ugly workaround to keep a box from going to sleep. Basically send a “OK” button or “Exit” IR button press for a particular set top box. So without me manually having to hit something, I could have webCore send the command once an hour, and probably only during certain hours. I know how to use webCore to make it do certain things on a set schedule like this, but how could I get it to tell Harmony to send a certain IR code? Thank you.

If you can set up a Harmony activity for the command you want sent, then that’s easy, as harmony activities already appear as Switches through the official integration.

If you need something more than that, take a look at the following integration:

I could be wrong, but I don’t think you’ll be able to send a single command through a Harmony activity, you’ll be forced to turn the device on. A better option would be the Zmote if you can still get one.

It depends on the device. And how you have it set up. Back in the day before the echo integration was very good I had a harmony activity set up that did nothing but a mute. But it only worked if the device was already on.

Since the OP is trying to keep a device from going to sleep, It should be comparable, But it all comes down to the details.

Here’s an example from 3 years ago. You would never do volume control this way today, because the official Alexa or Google Home integrations now have granular control, but this is an example of how you could do it:

As @JDRoberts has already stated, it depends…

However, with KuKu Harmony, you can send individual commands for each device which doesn’t have any connection to any activity.

You just need an always on Server but they are putting these little scripts in smaller and smaller devices.

Mines runs on a Pi3.

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I also have it installed on a pi, my use case, I just want to manually control projector power on/off, it has to be independent of harmony activity.

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Thanks. Do you know if with the Harmony I can add a custom command to an activity? If so I could tell it to power the device on and then send button press X. Then I can call the activity as a virtual switch, as you say. However as @agenovese820 mentions this may not be possible.