Ability to send commands to harmony hub?

Is there a way to send commands to control harmony devices directly without launching activities? There is a great harmony plugin for tasker that allows you to send remote commands (power/volume/etc) to a harmony devices. Would love a similar smart app for SmartThings. Dealing with only activities on the hub is very limiting.

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This is the only way that I have seen so far.

Thanks Jordon. I have seen that. May have to give it a try. Was hoping for a simpler solution. Currently I use sharp tools to send the triggers to tasker and then the harmony plugin to control the devices. It works fine but is a bit delayed. Fine for automatic things but a little rough when triggering with a switch.

I reset the triggers up using Pushbullet notifier vs sharp tools and the reaction is much closer to instantaneous. I created google switches. Had Pushbullet notifier watch for them to trigger and then send a message to tasker which used the harmony plugin to send the commands to the devices.

Kind of a mess on the backend with so many steps but much better “feel” when you click the switch.