Other than starting Activities, is it possible (now) to send single IR commands from the harmony hub?

It it possible to maybe send a “lights on” command via the Harmony Hub while an activity is in progress? I have an 880 where I mapped one of the buttons so I can turn the lights on/off while say in a “watch movie” activity.

No. But you can switch to another activity which does nothing but turn on the lights (and doesn’t change the device inputs) and then switch back. Harmony does everything based on activities UNLESS you have the Harmony Home Companion remote, in which case you can use those four home automation buttons without changing the activity. It’s just how Harmony does things.

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Thanks, I was thinking of doing something similar but my situation is kind of made complicated by having 2 different displays in the room. I have 2 versions of my activities, one is using the TV and the other is via the projector.

I think I will have to think about this a little bit more, it does help typing it out though :slight_smile:

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So after a couple of days reading about my options… it looks like SimpleControl, formerly RoomieRemote would be my next option. I might have gone this route to begin with if I’ve read about it sooner.

According to their knowledgebase entry at:

At a minimum, I will need:
Simple Blaster $115 approx
Simple Service $2/month
Simple Sync $50

I’ve also PM’ed another member who has a working setup but have not heard back to see if this is really all I needed. I tried starting a thread over at forum.simplecontrol.com but their community site is not so simple, it is moderated and I have yet to see my post from this morning approved :wink: :cop:

Well that came to a screeching halt lol. I have no iOS device to run the app on.

Using virtual buttons, the Alexa Helper app, and the Harmony integration, I “turn on” a movie mode routine as part of my starting the activity at night which dims the lights. Using the same method, I run a “Turn Off Movie Mode” routine when I end the activity (essentially setting the house back to home mode and turning up some lights). Works great…sounds like it might do what you’re after.

Almost, but not quite what I’m trying to accomplish. Harmony insists on Activities and my objective is to control the gear outside of those activity. An example is the projector, I don’t want it to power on and off with the activity, I’d like to say “Alexa turn on(off) the projector”. Right now I have projector power control mapped to a screen button inside the activity, my goal is to control that via virtual switches, sharptools or something that I haven’t quite put together yet. I’m close, I just need to get the stupid IR code from harmony into something I can use in Smart IR Remote.

Ah, got it. I have a couple of devices I do the same with (amp, CD player), but they turn on with power, so I can just use a zwave switch and don’t need IR. Good luck!