Security levels within the mobile app

I use the iOS app and while there are things than can be improved I have one major issue – anyone who has the app is an administrator. Everyone in my family has the app for use as a proximity sensor but none of them has the technical know-how as to what happens if they do things inadvertently. I would like to have a permission set, where only specifically chosen users can make changes within the system. I’ve already experienced two situations where someone made an improper change. In one they reengaged the auto-lock function on a door lock which only a minor pain as the locked sooner than expected, but on the second they actually disabled the keypad on the same lock. It was a big mystery that required us to use the app to enter the premises until I finally saw the toggle had been changed.

I think an ordinary user should need to do nothing other than toggle switches, run routines or change modes - they should not be able to add/edit/remove things, smart apps or hub settings. It might be nice to have a middle level where they could also adjust thermostats and access more sensitive things. In an ideal world, I could set the security for each thing with a user level: User, Super User or Admins and allow access to those things only if they have a high enough level. If a user was not a member of any of those groups the app would act only as a proximity sensor.


I think a lot of people would like to see this. Meanwhile, many community members use a third-party smartapp, SmartTiles. It’s a customizable dashboard that runs in any web browser, so it works on most smart phones. Very popular. It’s easy to give each person access to only the devices you want them to have, such as not letting one kid turn off the lights in another kid’s room. :wink:

There’s even a topic in the community just for ideas for hardware and color customization for smarttiles:

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Interesting…thanks for the link. If only it would work as a proximity sensor! :slight_smile:

A lot of people use life 360 for that. That way you don’t have to give the person access to your smart things account. The life 360 integration is officially supported.

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We do have plans to add granular access controls, but it’s a ways out. Especially now that our largest focus us stability and reliability.