Device user permission levels

Would love to see a way to set permission levels for administrative functions and different devices for various authorized users. ie: Would like the logging feature of my kids coming in and out of the house but only allow them to be able to control certain light switches (not my bedroom!) in their rooms and such. I also don’t want them messing with adding or deleting devices.


Self-company / Product promotion here: ActionTiles let’s you create custom dashboard Panels (web browser accessed) that you can share to specific Buddies (children, neighbors, specific mounted tablets, etc.).

We’re very proud of this top feature of our app!

Actiontiles looks pretty good, but I agree that this would be a huge win for ST if done right inside the app. For whatever it is worth and whoever might see this, please add this capability to ST!


Agree 100%.

Guest, let me add your phone as a presence device so the doors will un-lock/lock for you and the alarm will set or disarm when you leave or arrive.

Oh wait, I can’t do that because then you will have access to all 200 of my devices!

Can’t believe this is not a feature of ST. WTH


Agreed, the ability to add a phone as a presence device and only presence is key… Using Life 360 is not the best solution for ONLY presence…

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