Giving other IOS users (roommates) limited access

Just got my ST hub yesterday!!! Totally in love and already addicted. I own my house and currently have two roommates. I want them to have very limited access/control of my smartthings. For example I want to put my place in “lockdown” when I’m in bed at night but I need to enable the roommates to deactivate the “alarm” when they come home at random hours. Excited and happy to be a little part of the future of SmartThings

@Myuncker ST doesn’t have different levels of access to users, the only way is to set up SmartTiles from @625alex and only place the things you want to give them access on that dashboard and then let them use the dashboard.

It is the best way for now, i use it to give my teenagers access to certain lights they need to control.

Thanks for the super quick reply! Can I make more than one Dashboard per ST hub?

You can make as many as you want, and they can be specialized… Very nice app for that.