Possible to assign permissions to users?


(Bill) #1

SmartThings touts itself as a security app yet I see no way to assign permissions to users of the app - for example lets say I want the kids to be able to open the front door lock but not control the lights in my bedroom. How can I achieve this?


(Todd Whitehead) #2

You could use Smarttiles.click to create a dashboard and put a shortcut on your kids home screen to it.

Or, if they have iOS devices, you can buy rule machine and only give it access to the things you want and then create buttons on the notification area they can press to execute rules (like unlocking a door).

Or you could connect the things you want them to control to IFTTT and install a do button on their phone to do things.

You cannot do it using the native ST app.

(James) #3

You could also install SharpTools, assuming you’re on android, and create widgets for the kids. There is a minor fee but it is worth it. He does offer a free trial.


(Eric) #4

I also suggest user security. For instance I want to add my teen’s phone to home/away rules, but certainly not at the expense of him having access to the cameras (for obvious adult reasons when he’s away but we arn’t).