Security Camera with Motion Sensor & Speaker

I am looking if there is an exterior security camera with a motion sensor and speaker all in one. I could not find one so I am guessing I would need multiple devices. I am looking to receive a notification from the motion sensor that someone is present and then use ‘Speaker Notify with Sound’ and have the speaker say “Welcome” or something like that. I would also like to be able to use the camera for live video.

If not, is there a camera with speaker you can live talk with similar to the ring doorbell? Thanks!

Most of the Foscam’s have two way talking, but getting it to play a pre-recorded message over the speaker would be a challenge unless you have Blue Iris or some other software/app.

I know this is a bit late, but if SmartThings integration isn’t required Kuna has pretty much that exact solution. They have two way audio, motion-based recording, and as of an October update you can select one of their pre-recorded messages to play when motion is detected. They have cameras built into light fixtures as well as a camera that taps into power from the socket of an existing light.

I wonder if the Arlo Pro would work…

Hi i managed to do it with arlo pro and google home as the speaker
its kind of complicated and requires alot of pass through

I would not recommend buying an arlo pro only for that though

i used 2 paid apps from the google store to achieve this, if you are interested in knowing more let me know haha