Camera Recommendations?

I am looking to add cameras in two boys rooms. I am specifically looking for something that I could setup triggers/routines based on audio detection. I prefer wired and have been considering the Arlo Q but I’m concerned about the lag time based on other user comments.

I currently have 4 wireless Arlo’s running and use the Classic app for automation. I have the Smartthings Wifi system and use both the Classic App and Smartthings app. I also have multiple Echo devices and ideally would like to display/rotate the camera display on my Echo Show(s) if possible based on triggering events (i.e. audio).

Any advise/feedback would be greatly appreciated?

If by wired you mean power, and not data, then I’d go with wyze. You can setup motion and audio alerts to SmartThings via IFTTT.

Thanks, Jimmy. I did mean power (wired).

I’ll check out Wyze.

You should check out Foscam, they have some good cameras with a ton of features. However you’ll need a third party integration for motion/audio detection to work with ST.

Thanks. I’ll check them out.

For what it’s worth, the R2 is an exceptionally capable camera with full range pan/tilt motion (about $55) and the 98xx series are excellent at their price point ($30) especially if you want to use it on a streaming tablet like ActionTiles.

I’m leaning towards something that would display on the Echo Shows in our kitchen and master bedroom based on motion or sound detection. The R2 looks good but does not appear compatible with Echo or ST without a lot of other steps to make them work. Is that correct?

I don’t think it works with Echo. For ST you can use the Foscam integration. It requires a custom app and device handler to install it and use in ST (about the level of expertise required, you can find step by step instructions, it not native).

No cameras can automatically display on an Echo screen device (yet). Ring will be the first based on doorbell being pressed. Nothing based on motion or sound has been announced yet.

The Arlo Q’s are good camera’s. Keep in mind since they are wired you will have 3 second look back. Also they dont have the same lag as battery powered wireless Arlo’s. If you already have the wireless cameras then this will all integrate together in the single arlo environment. You can also use Arlo Pro 2 cameras and power them by wire to get the same functions. The pro 2 cameras have the added benefit of local recording if you attach a drive to the base station and see it up.

The only issue I experience at time is that occasionally the video will stop recording when we dont want it to. This is because I use motion detection as my trigger and Arlos are most sensitive on the outer edges of the recording zone. Easiest way to address that is to subscribe to CVR at 9.99 a month(Continuous Vide Recording). Since you want to use Audio as your trigger this may not apply.

Currently the only officially supported cameras in Smartthings are the Arlo cameras. Arlo integrates well with devices in the Google home environment. But I suspect that is more google then Smartthings. I have used it with google Chromecast to show on TV, a Home Hub, or a nvidia Shield on a tv.